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 A Group Captive is an Insurance Company that provides insurance to its owners and is controlled by its owners. Captives are formed by companies that have strong claims management and participate in risk sharing with other businesses in the captive. Unlike the traditional market, Captive members benefit from their favorable loss results, positioning themselves for possible financial returns on investment income and underwriting profits.

Captive Customer Testimonials

“Micheletti Insurance was instrumental in our company making the decision to join a captive.  Their expertise and experience made the change from the traditional insurance market an easy decision and one we don’t regret.  The equity position we have built in just four years convinces us we made the right choice.  And because of their outstanding service and quality, Micheletti now handles our General Liability and Healthcare as well.”


Tom Peot, Fabricated Extrusion Company
Captive Member Since 2014


“Micheletti and Victus have started focusing me and my staff on really effectively dealing with workers comp issues.  We have begun long term commitment that will ultimately improve outcomes and save us money.  I would recommend any farm company with a large payroll to look into joining the Victus captive.”


Daniel Wilson, Kay Dix, Inc.
Captive Member Since 2018


“We embarked to evaluate our Workers Compensation insurance from a Traditional Market to a Captive Self-Insured model.  After evaluating several options, the Victus captive was selected.  We are very grateful to have Micheletti Alternate Insurance Solutions as our Insurance Brokers during this transition.  Both Captive Insurance and Micheletti have phenomenal customer service.  Their programs are well design and easy to implement.  Micheletti Alternate Insurance Solutions has made our transition into Victus a positive experience; the Victus program, while it took time to get acclimated as comparison to a traditional model, was easy to get off the ground thanks to the assistance of Micheletti Alternate Insurance Solutions and Victus Captive team.  We could have not done it without them!!!"


Robert Nunes, Select Harvest USA
Captive Member Since 2017


We are currently on our 5th year.  Our rates are less than 50% of our originals.  We have accumulated a significant reserve of unused premiums that we will eventually draw from.  I have 150 contracting partners that I can draw from for insight and encouragement on ongoing business issues.  But best of all, our safety culture has changed. Our safety program was in place before and was managed well, but now it truly is a lifestyle not a watchdog.  When the ones with the tools in their hands think about everything they do from a safety perspective first, everyone wins.

Oh, and one last thing, our renewal meeting is pretty damn awesome."


James Frias, Ram Mechanical, Inc.
Captive Member Since 2014


“We have a transportation and logistics company and were looking for the opportunity to stabilized pricing, something the traditional markets do not offer. We worked with Rob and Joey Micheletti to put a program together, starting with our workers compensation, then rolled our auto liability.  We have been in the Summit Captive since 2016 and have already received some nice dividends back, which would not come from the traditional markets.   We realized immediately that working on our claims and a great safety program, that the benefits would be great. We also meet twice a year for board meetings. Networking with the fellow members has been awesome and the interaction at the meetings are very impactful.  Thank you Micheletti team for working with California Freight, we look forward to a long relationship together."

Jim Aartman, California Freight
Captive Member Since 2016

California Freight Logo t

“Micheletti Alternative Insurance Solutions is an amazing team, very well educated in Group Captives. They gave us a clear direction on Captives. Their team is very professional and thorough, and made the whole process as simple for us as possible.  We are excited to have joined the Summit Captive in 2022 and have already been to the Board and Risk Control Meetings.  The networking with the other management teams is an excellent way to shares ideas and solutions to problems, to develop strong safety and success for your business.  We are a Trucking and Harvesting company and there are many shared interests within our group.  We are excited to continue our working relationship with Micheletti and the Captive team."

David Beachler, Cal Valley Trucking
Captive Member Since 2022


I have been completely satisfied with my captive insurance program. I have been a member of Titan Captive since 2016, and I have been very impressed with the way it has been managed. The program has provided me with peace of mind, knowing that I have access to affordable insurance coverage.

One of the things that I appreciate most about the program is the level of control that I have over my coverage. I am able to choose the specific types of coverage that I need. This gives me the peace of mind knowing that my insurance needs are met.

Another thing that I appreciate about the program is the level of service that I receive from Micheletti. The staff is always responsive to my questions and concerns, and they are always willing to help me find the best coverage for my needs.

Overall, I am very happy with my captive insurance program. I believe that it is a valuable asset for my business, and I would recommend it to other businesses."

Justin Krum, 1st Light Energy
Captive Member Since 2016


"Joining an insurance captive and working with Micheletti Insurance has been a huge improvement in our insurance "experience." We truly appreciate the collaborative and proactive approach a captive provides. Instead of just "giving away" our full premium each year, we can now benefit when we perform well. In addition, we receive incredible assistance when the inevitable claim arises. I wish we would have joined a captive via Micheletti many years ago."

D. Scott Monday, kitchenCRATE & bathCRATE
Captive Member Since 2022

kitchenCRATE & bathCRATE logo

Advantages of a Group Captive



 Insurance Coverage Options

Workers’ Compensation


General Liability


Auto Liability & Physical Damage




Control Over Costs

Premium is based on individual loss history and exposures.


Insulated from traditional market conditions.




Ownership Advantages

Underwriting profit and investment income.


Members gain authority over program operation decisions.


Unbundled structure for fronting, reinsurance, and claims management.


Work with Local Experts in Captive Insurance!

We empower our clients and partners to make educated risk management decisions with confidence.

Operating throughout the nation, we have the capacity to supply any alternative risk need.

To learn more, click and download our "Captive Guide":

Group Captives – FAQs

What makes a good captive candidate?

Paying more than $150,000 for Workers’ Compensation, General Liability, and Auto Liability & Physical Damage Combined

Financially Secure

Desire to take control, willing to be accountable

Company committed to safety

How are premiums developed in a Group Captive?

Premiums are developed based on an analysis of the applications historical data; premiums, losses, and exposures. Expected loss funds are determined and product and service costs are then applied. This removes the company from the hard and soft market shifts.

Why should I review a Group Captive Option?

Captive programs are not for every business. We are looking for those that could qualify based on premium size, exposure, financial stability, and management committed to safety.

Do I get money back?

Yes, you can. All loss funds dollars belong to the member and investment income accrues to the member of the funds. Any unused loss fund dollars plus investment income would be returned to the member.

Is this the same as self-insurance?

No. A group captive utilizes an independent actuary to calculate expected losses based on prior performances. The member pays a premium to cover their expected losses and the service and product costs. Part of their product costs include a specific reinsurance policy to help the group manage the expense of catastrophic losses.

Do I have to pay for other members' losses?

There is a possibility for members to assume losses of other members. Group Captive models are structured to ensure losses will be limited to each individual members’ percentage in the entire group

Is it difficult to leave a Group Captive?

No. There are no handcuff clauses. Each year stands on its own. Same one year commitment as the traditional market place.

Various Types of Group Captives

There are various types of captive programs available in the marketplace. Group Captives can be either homogeneous, all the same industry, or heterogeneous, which provides coverage to various industries.

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