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What is Dental Insurance?

Dental insurance policies will pay a portion of your costs associated with preventive, minor, and some major dental care.

Various Types of Dental Plans

Dental plans come in a variety of options:

• PPO - Preferred Provider Organization - Few limitations on dentists available, pay co-pay until you reach your deductible or max out of pocket expense.
• HMO - Health Maintenance Organization - Very limited dentist options, no deductible, no maximum. Prepaid type service.
• Fee-for-Service - Large number of dentists, Pay co-payments and additional fees to dentist offices.
• Discount Plans - No dentist restrictions, reduced fee, no deductible, no max. All out of pocket.


What is Vision Insurance?

Vision insurance policies will typically cover your annual eye exams and a specific dollar allowance towards glasses or contacts.

Various Types of Dental Plans

Typically there are two types of vision plans available, vision benefits and discounted vision plans.

Vision Benefits are true insurance policies. You pay a monthly premium and you get your coverage for exams, glasses and contacts, and other eye care. Normally this comes with small out of pocket costs depending on your needs.

Discounted Vision Plans normally have lower premiums and help you cut back the cost of eye exams, lenses and frames, and other eye care.

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