General Liability Insurance


What is General Liability Insurance?

Liability insurance helps protect your business from bodily injury or property damage that you are legally responsible for. Liability typically provides defense cost, regardless of fault, to your business. Without this coverage, you would be responsible for defense cost and damages out of your own pocket.

What is typically covered by a General Liability policy?

• A customer or client has a slip, trip, or fall on your premises and needs medical attention. The General Liability would pay for those medical expenses.

• Your employee accidentally damages a clients property, your general liability policy would cover the cost to repaid or fix that damage.

• Legal cost to defend your business in the event of a bodily injury or property damage lawsuit.

• The General Liability policy will also pay for awards or settlements made against your business in a lawsuit for the above claims.

This type of policy is a MUST have for businesses.

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