Professional Liability or E&O Insurance

What is Professional Liability / Errors and Omissions (E&O) Insurance?

Business Liability insurance covers losses related to bodily injury and property damage, but what happens when a business fails at their profession.

Professional Liability or Errors and Omissions (E&O) insurance protects your business against lawsuits arising from your clients dissatisfaction with your professional service or advice. Businesses can be held financially liable for any financial damages their work may cause. This coverage helps protect your business from legal fees and judgements that may result from these claims.


By not purchasing E&O insurance, a company or individual may be taking a very serious financial risk as these types of losses are not covered under General Liability insurance. The cost may vary depending upon the business and location, as well as, claims experience. As with any insurance policy, the best time to buy an E&O policy is before a risk actually occurs. In addition, each policy must be looked over carefully to ensure that the coverage being offered fits the exposure of a particular company or individual.

Most E&O policies are written on a “claims made” or “claims made and reported” form. This means that all claims covered under the policy must be made or, in some cases, made and reported, within the policy period. These policies have a retroactive date that is very important and claims that arrive prior to the retroactive date will not be covered.

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