Group Health

What is Group Health Insurance?

Group Health Insurance is a form of coverage that helps pay for you and your employees heath care costs. Whether that is basic doctors visits, surgical procedures, or prescription drugs, medical insurance is a solution for coverage.

Who qualifies for Group Health Insurance plans?

Businesses with 1 or more employees are eligible to purchase a group health plan.


How Group Health Insurance Works

Business purchase a group health plan as a benefit to their employees. Employees have the option to accept or decline the coverage. Plans can come in various carriers or tiers of coverage to fit the employee's needs. Premiums are normally split between the business and the employee. Employees also have the choice to include family members/dependents on their coverage for additional costs. Purchasing the coverage as a group plan typically is more cost effective to the employee.


Does your company have over 50 employees?

We can help you save!

If your business has over 50 employees, we have other solutions that may benefit your company. A medical group captive or level funded program may help you save money on your coverage and implement a wellness program to lower your employees cost for healthcare.

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