What is a Group Captive?

Group Captive insurance programs can be an attractive alternative to traditional insurance. Regardless to how the traditional market performance and rates change, a group captive brings a higher level of control and financial power. A group captive is an insurance company that provides insurance to its owners, controlled by its owners. These captives are formed by companies that have strong claims management and safety programs. With a my money mentality, you can turn your insurance premiums into a profit center for your business.

What coverage’s can qualify for group captive insurance?

Group Captives are led by the Worker’s Compensation policy. Group Captives can also include coverage for General Liability, Auto Liability, and Auto Physical Damage.

Various Types of Group Captives

There are various types of captive programs available in the marketplace. Group Captives can be either homogenous, all the same industry, or heterogeneous, which provides coverage to various industries.

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